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Our first concern is for health and comfort. While we are very proficient at cosmetic dentistry, we will always see this aspect as only part of the bigger picture of maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

Our approach is a proactive one in that we try to plan for a trouble-free, long-term healthy mouth. We are not believers in benign neglect and nor are we an emergency service which patches and waits for the next crisis. We recognise that good dentistry is not cheap and our approach is always to have a strategy in place to provide you with and help you afford the most cost-effective and enduring dentistry.

People are living much longer and with higher expectations for quality of life. No-one wants to end up in old age with failing health and the added burden of a mouth full of disasters. This is one problem that can be avoided and well managed if a proper approach is taken early enough.

We have between us in the practice a range skills and credentials to provide almost all dental services in-house. This makes planning and delivery of treatment more manageable and efficient. We run on time and respect that our patients are busy and need certainty regarding their appointment schedules. While we are generally booked well ahead emergency patients are always offered an appointment on the same or next day.

This is a happy practice with most of our staff having been with us for many years. We enjoy our patients and try to make visits and contacts pleasant as well as productive. New patients and referrals are welcome.

Like any good restaurant where you sometimes have to wait to get a table, we are busy because we are good at what we do and our day is always full. But our staff are fantastic at accommodating your needs into our schedule.

So if you are looking for a special dental practice with skill, care and integrity…we have many decades of success and satisfied patients to back this claim.

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