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Injuries to the mouth and jaw can cause permanent damage and are often expensive to fix. If you or your kids play contact sports or other activities that put your mouth at risk, you should wear a custom mouth guard.
The Australian Dental Association (ADA) recommends using a custom fitted dental mouth guard for maximum protection compared to products bought from stores. Our dentists in Sydney CBD can design your kids mouth guard for a perfect fit.
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Who needs a custom mouth guard?

If you or your child take part in any activity where there’s a risk of injury to the mouth or jaw, you should wear a custom fitted sports mouth guard. This includes contact sports such as rugby, soccer and hockey as well as skating, mountain biking and other pastimes where your mouth may get injured by contact with equipment, players or falling over.

Wearing a mouthguard doesn’t make you invincible, but it can reduce the severity of injuries such as chipped or knocked out teeth and cuts to the lips, cheeks and tongue, so you’ll be less likely to need emergency treatment. It can also cushion blows to prevent damage to the neck and jaw muscles.

If you grind or clench your teeth while you sleep (bruxism) or wake up with jaw pain, we may also recommend a bruxism mouth guard.

Over-the-counter vs custom
dental mouthguards

Since mouth guards are available from sports stores, do you really need a dental mouth guard? Yes, if you want the peace of mind of giving your teeth and jaws the maximum protection. There are other benefits of a custom mouth guard too.

Over the counter

Store-bought mouthguards don’t offer the same level of protection, as they’re not custom fitted to your mouth and are often made from flimsy materials. They may also be less comfortable to wear and affect your speech and breathing, which could impact on your athletic performance.

‘Boil-and-bite’ mouthguards are moulded to your bite, but although the mouthguard fits, it won’t cushion shocks as well. If your mouthguard comes loose in an impact, there’s a risk it could get caught in your throat, causing a choking hazard.

Custom fitted mouth guard

A custom mouth guard is moulded to fit exactly over your teeth and gums, so it won’t come loose if your face is struck. Our Sydney mouthguards are made from strong Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) plastic, which absorbs shocks to protect the teeth and jaws.

Many health and sporting organisations and sports clubs across Australia recommend custom fitted mouthguards for the superior protection they offer. They’re also more comfortable to wear and won’t affect your ability to talk and breathe like a store-bought mouthguard can.

How Are Our Sydney Dental Mouth Guard Made?

If you decide that a Sydney dental mouth guard is right for you or your child, we’ll make an appointment at our Macquarie Street clinic to take impressions of your upper and lower teeth. These moulds will then be sent to our dental laboratory where our technicians will make your custom fitted guard out of strong plastic in a colour of your choice.

Once it’s ready, we’ll arrange a fitting appointment where we’ll check that your mouthguard is secure on your teeth and feels comfortable to wear. We’ll give you advice about how to care for your mouthguard to help it last for as long as possible.

Dental mouth guard FAQ

Your mouth guard should be cleaned after every use to keep it hygienic. Use cool, soapy water and a toothbrush to make sure you get rid of all bacteria. Avoid hot water and don’t store your mouth guard in direct sunlight, as these could warp the plastic and alter its shape.

A sports mouth guard for adults should last a few years if you take good care of it. Since children’s teeth and jaws are always growing, a kids mouth guard should be replaced every year, or sooner if it’s damaged. Bring it along to your regular dental visits so we can check its condition or order a replacement.

If you grind your teeth at night or wake up with jaw pain, you might have a condition known as bruxism. This can put strain on the jaw’s temporomandibular joints (TMJ), causing pain and difficulty moving the jaw.

If our dentists diagnose bruxism or a TMJ disorder, we may recommend a night mouth guard. A teeth grinding guard stops your teeth from grinding together when you sleep, while a TMJ mouth guard can ease the strain on your jaw joints.

A dental mouth guard for grinding teeth is different from a sports mouth guard, so the two can’t be used interchangeably. Find out more about grinding appliances.

How much do
mouth guards

The cost of a dental mouth guard varies for each individual. A custom mouth guard costs more than an over-the-counter mouth guard, but as it lowers your risks, you’re less likely to experience serious injuries and need expensive dental care.

As mouth guards are a preventive treatment, the cost may be covered by insurance, if your health fund includes dental cover. Check with your insurer to find out what you’re entitled to claim. Government schemes such as CDBS don’t cover mouth guards.

We offer a choice of payment plans at Sydney Dental Surgeons to help break down your mouth guard cost into more affordable regular payments.

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