Bad Breath Solutions

Bad breath (or halitosis) is an unpleasant odour which can occur from time to time or be long lasting.

The main cause of bad breath is in the mouth. We have millions of bacteria that live in the mouth, particularly on the back of the tongue and these bacteria feed on the food debris that accumulates in the mouth and between our teeth. The bacteria give off a sulphur compound and it is this that creates the bad odour. Smoking and drinking alcohol contribute to the unpleasant odour. There are other conditions which affect the airways and stomach that can lead to bad breath too.

Improving your oral hygiene is the most effective way to eliminate bad breath. Brushing teeth and tongue twice a day using fluoride toothpastes, as well as flossing, will remove the bacteria which generally removes the odour. Other things that help are –

If you decide that a Sydney dental mouth guard is right for you or your child, we’ll make an appointment at our Macquarie Street clinic to take impressions of your upper and lower teeth. These moulds will then be sent to our dental laboratory where our technicians will make your custom fitted guard out of strong plastic in a colour of your choice.

Once it’s ready, we’ll arrange a fitting appointment where we’ll check that your mouthguard is secure on your teeth and feels comfortable to wear. We’ll give you advice about how to care for your mouthguard to help it last for as long as possible.

The other causes of bad breath (which can be treated by your dentist) are

  • infection of the gums ( Periodontal disease )
  • decayed teeth
  • a condition called ‘Dry mouth’ affecting the flow of saliva

If your dentist finds that your mouth is healthy but you still have bad breath, you may be referred to your family medical practitioner as there are other causes of bad breath –

  • Sinusitis and bronchitis.
  • Problems within the stomach.
  • Diabetes.
  • Liver and kidney problems.

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