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Affordable Dental Implants in Sydney CBD
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Do you need to replace one or more teeth? Talk to our specialist about affordable dental implants in Sydney CBD

Are you looking for dental implants in Sydney CBD? Gaps in your smile can affect more than just your appearance. If you're missing a tooth or several teeth, dental implants are a long-term option for filling the gaps and restoring your smile.

Unlike dentures or a dental bridge, a dental implant replaces the whole tooth, down to the root, making a stable foundation for an artificial tooth. Implant crowns look, feel and function just like a natural tooth and are just as easy to care for.

Looking for affordable dental implants in Sydney? To find out more about what the implant procedure involves, whether you're eligible for treatment and the cost of dental implants in Sydney specific to your requirements. Book a consultation with one of our dental implant specialists at our Sydney CBD clinic. Call (02) 9221 1530 or make an appointment online.

Find Out More About Our Sydney Dental Implant Treatments

A dental implant consists of a titanium rod, shaped like a screw, that's surgically placed in the jaw where a tooth root used to be. Pure titanium is a biocompatible material, which means it can stimulate the growth of new bone around it. Once the dental implant is encased in bone it will be held firmly into place, a process called osseointegration.

Dental implants are covered by a dental crown, bridge or denture. This is designed by our team of dedicated Sydney dental implant specialist dentists to look and feel as close to a natural tooth as possible. The dental implant procedure involves a series of minor surgeries over several visits to our Sydney CBD based clinic.

Dental Implants Sydney: Who Can Benefit?

If you have any missing teeth, our Sydney dental implant specialists will recommend having them replaced. Our Sydney dental implant treatment is a popular option for filling the gap.

Over time, missing teeth can affect your diet, your speech and your oral and general health if they're not replaced. As well as making it harder to eat certain foods and get the nutrition you need, missing teeth can also lead to deterioration of the jaw. This can cause the jaw to shrink, resulting in teeth going crooked or crowded and a premature aged appearance.

Tooth implants can replace a single tooth, multiple teeth or a whole arch of teeth, but not everyone is suitable for the dental implant procedure. You may not be a candidate if:

  • your jaw is not large enough to support a dental implant
  • you have gum disease or another oral health problem
  • you have a health condition that affects bone healing

If you have a small jaw, we can discuss a bone graft procedure to transplant bone from another part of your body or a compatible donor. This is an invasive surgical procedure that has its own set of risk factors and recovery period, and it won't be an option if you have certain health conditions.

If you're replacing a whole arch of teeth, you may be suitable for full arch dental implants even if you're not a candidate for standard dental implants, as these don't go as deep into the jaw bone.

Want to know if you're eligible for dental implants? Call (02) 9221 1530 to book a consultation today or to speak with one of our Sydney dental implant specialists.

Dental Implants Sydney: Pros and Cons

When researching dental implants in Sydney, you will see there are many benefits to having dental implants when replacing teeth, but the treatment isn't right for everyone. Here are some of the main reasons for and against dental implant treatment compared to a bridge or dentures.

Advantages of implants

  • High success rate for all adult age groups
  • Look and feel natural
  • Replace one tooth, several teeth or all teeth
  • Support the jaw and prevent bone loss
  • Long lasting
  • Low maintenance

Disadvantages of implants

  • Cost more than the alternatives
  • Involve oral surgery
  • Not everyone is a candidate

If you're thinking about getting tooth implants in Sydney, we'll make sure you have a thorough understanding of what the treatment involves and the dental implant costs so you can make fully informed decisions about your oral health.

Dental Implants Sydney CBD: Different Types

During your dental implants consultation at our Sydney CBD based clinic, our Sydney dental implant specialists will explain the different types of dental implant treatments we offer. The right choice for you will depend on how many teeth you want to replace.

A single implant can be placed in the jaw to replace a tooth root, covered by a crown or denture.

A single implant can support more than one tooth, but multiple implants may be needed. These can be covered by individual crowns or a dental bridge replacing multiple teeth.

If you want to replace all of the teeth in your upper or lower jaw, or all of the teeth in your mouth, we may be able to achieve this using just a few implants. These can be covered by a fixed bridge or removable dentures.

Dental Implants Sydney: The Procedure

The dental implant procedure here at Sydney Dental Surgeons can vary for each individual, depending on the number of implants you need and the type of dental implant you choose. It usually involves several appointments over a few months. The typical process is as follows:

  1. Our dental implant dentists will examine your mouth using x-rays and 3D imaging to plan your treatment precisely.
  2. Your custom implant or implants will be manufactured at a Sydney dental laboratory out of strong titanium.
  3. Once the dental implant is ready, we'll administer local anaesthetic to numb your mouth. If you're having multiple dental implants, or you have dental anxiety, we can discuss other sedation options such as IV sedation.
  4. We'll open the gum and carefully insert the dental implant in your jaw to replace the tooth root. We'll cement a temporary crown or bridge over the top to wear while your mouth is healing.
  5. It can take a few months for the dental implant to bond with the jaw and new bone to grow around it. We'll see you again during this time to check its progress and remove the stitches.
  6. When the dental implant is stable, we'll remove the temporary crown or bridge and take a 3D image of the implant. This is used to make your custom restoration.
  7. We can design and manufacture ceramic crowns and bridges in a single visit using CEREC CAD/CAM technology. If you choose to have another type of crown, this will be made at a dental laboratory and involves making another appointment.
  8. Once your crown or bridge is ready, we'll cement it into place to restore your smile.
    • If you need to have any teeth extracted first, or a bone graft procedure to increase the size of your jaw, it's necessary to wait for your gums and jaws to heal before you can begin the dental implant treatment.
    • If you're having full arch implants, these are placed in the jaw at an angle and don't need to fuse with the bone before the replacement teeth can be placed. We can fit your dental bridge or dentures on the same day.

Dental Implants Sydney FAQ’s

We'll advise you to take it easy for a few days after your dental implant treatment, to give your mouth the chance to recover and lower the risk of the dental implant failing.

We'll provide you with painkillers, to help you manage pain and discomfort at home, and an antibacterial mouthwash to help prevent infection of the dental implant site. You should gargle with one capful for 30 seconds, twice a day.

You should avoid hard or chewy food for a few days, as this could cause your crown or denture to come loose. You should also avoid smoking for at least one month, as this can affect the healing process.

Dental Implant treatments with our experienced Sydney dental implant specialists have a very high success rate and a minor risk of complications, but we'll make sure you understand the possible risks before you agree to the procedure. These problems can include:

  • infection of the gum
  • damage to nerves, blood vessels or surrounding teeth
  • sinus problems for dental implants placed in the upper jaw

Pain and sensitivity following tooth implant treatment is normal and can be managed by taking over-the-counter medication. If the pain doesn't stop, or you have any unusual symptoms, contact our Sydney CBD dental clinic to make an emergency appointment.

If you're not eligible for dental implants, or you would prefer a different treatment, our specialist Sydney dental implant dentist you know what your options are, depending on your situation. Alternatives to dental implants are:

  • Dental bridge for replacing one or several teeth in a row
  • Dentures for replacing several teeth or a full arch of teeth

Dental implants in Sydney cost more than other tooth replacement methods initially, but they can also last longer when they're well cared for, meaning they might never have to be replaced. We can give you an estimate for your dental implant cost during your consultation, so you can decide if it's affordable for you.

At Sydney Dental Surgeons, we believe in making high quality dental implant treatment costs more accessible. That's why we offer a range of dental payment plans for dental implants and accept all health funds. Ask your insurer how much you can claim.

Book a consultation for Sydney CBD dental implants

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